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New Recovery Act Summary Available

by Don Winstead on 08/01/12

For about a year, the Recovery Act summaries were posted in partnership with the Collins Center for Public Policy.  The Collins Center is redesigning their site, so I have resumed posting the information under the documents tab on this site.  On July 31, the preliminary data for the period ended June 30, 2012 became available.  I have summarized the available data and will periodically update the summary as new data becomes available.

Welfare Reform 15 Years Later

by Don Winstead on 09/25/11

In September, I made a presentation at the National Association for Welfare Research and Statistics (NAWRS) in Vail, Colorado.  The presentation looked at the subsequent receipt of TANF, Medicaid and Food Stamps (SNAP) of the 155,071 adults who received welfare in September 1996 and of the experience as adults of the 283,495 children receipients who are now old enough to be adults. A PDF version is listed in the documents section.  Bottom line: welfare as we knew it has ended.  Almost all adults got off welfare and stayed off.  A relatively small percentage of children became adult recipients with less than 1 percent (2 percent young women) receiving TANF today.  The Food Stamp story is different with over a third currently receiving SNAP benefits.

Preliminary Recovery Act Summary for 2011 Quarter 2

by Don Winstead on 08/06/11

The summary for period through June 30, based on preliminary data reported to the federal reporting system through July 30 has been posted.  I have included some county-level tables as well as the tables and charts that have been included in prior reports.  There will be two additional update periods before the information is considered final on Sept. 21.  If significant changes occur, I may do an update, but if not, the next summary will be in late September or Early October.

Final Recovery Act Summary for Quarter 1, 2011

by Don Winstead on 07/27/11

The final data for the January through March 2011 quarter was published on on June 22.  At long last, I have finished compiling the quarterly data for Florida.  As a bonus, I have added several new tables and charts along with some additional commentary.  For those who continue to track Recovery Act issues, I hope it is helpful!  The preliminary data for the April through June quarter is scheduled to be released on July 30.  My hope is to have a summary compiled and posted by mid-August...

Updated Recovery Act Summary

by Don Winstead on 06/06/11

We have posted a new summary of Florida's Recovery Act funding.  The award and expenditure information is cumulative through March 31, 2011.  The jobs information is for the January through March quarter only.

This summary is based on revised information through May 25, 2011. It may be further revised through mid-June.  In late June, we plan to publish a final report for the quarter.

The report includes a summary for all awards and also includes summarizes by state agency and by federal agency.  If you have questions, write me at  Thanks to everyone who continues to ask Recovery Act questions!

Continuing to Evolve

by Don Winstead on 02/26/11

Our business continues to grow and evolve.  We started out as a sole proprietership, but as new opportunities have emerged, we are transitioning to a LLC.  We will complete our current Winstead Consulting contracts under that venture and as of February 25, 2011, all new business will be done as Don Winstead Consulting, L.L.C.  Thanks to everyone who is helping us grow and expand!

Recovery Act Summary

by Don Winstead on 02/18/11

For over a year, I regularly published Florida-specific summary reports on the Recovery Act.  Since those types of reports are no longer published by the state - I am continuing the effort.  On the Documents link are two new reports.  One report is a summary of Recovery Act reports with more detailed reports by state agency and by federal agency.  I have not yet added detailed jobs informaiton because the Whitehouse Council of Economic Advisors is (once again) late in releasing the statutorily mandated quarterly report. 

The second report is a extract from a federal list of recipients who are listed as "Non-Compliers" with reporting requirements.  This is not a good list to be on.

I will continue to update relevant Recovery Act information from time to time.

The Impact Nobody Saw Coming

by Don Winstead on 01/15/11

While much of the reporting on the increase in Food Stamp (now called SNAP) has focused on the caseload increase, an even bigger impact has been the amount of benefits issued.  In April 2007, Florida issued $110 million in benefits.  In December 2010, over $417 million in benefits were issued - over $4.5 billion in calendar year 2010.  2011 will likely see $5 billion in benefits issued on Florida.  The good news is that a lot of low income families are getting much needed help - and these expenditures on basic needs have a positve effect on local economies.  The challenge is that nobody predicted this level of increased cost.  The benefits are 100% federally funded - it will be interesting to see how Congress responds.

Happy New Year

by Don Winstead on 12/31/10

As we start a new venture in the new year, Happy New Year one and all